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Offshore Tilefish

Tilefish 24Hr Trip

 Per Person - $360 

The 125' Jamaica will be running 24Hr tilefish trips, which gives you plenty of time at the rail! Fishing time on 24Hr trips is from sunrise to 3 or 4 in the afternoon The cost for the trips will be $360.00 per person. If rental equipment is needed an additional $40.00 will secure a rod & reel including tackle. (6/0 penn reel with 65lb.- 80Lb power pro). The boat sails at 11pm on the date listed and returns approximately 11PM the following day. Once your trip is booked, cancellations will not be accepted or monies refunded unless your spot is able to be re-booked or the captain cancels the trip. the trips will be limited to only 28 passengers. 
Recommended tackle: Rods and reels - 61⁄2 to 8-foot heavy duty rod with a single or two-speed conventional reel filled with approximately 400 yards of 50 to 80-lb. test braided line. we strongly suggest using braided line since we will be fishing in very deep water (400' up to 1,000 feet) 
Tackle - 16oz to 4lb sinkers, 5/0 to 8/0 bait holder hooks, 5/0 to 8/0 octopus or octopus circle hooks, 60 or 80 lb. leader Material, heavy-duty swivels, 16 to 32-oz jigs. use 2-hook bottom rigs or 1-hook rigs when there are big fish around. We provide bait. You are more than welcome to bring your own bait!  Tackle can be purchased aboard the boat