10-15 Canyon Report
More tuna!
More tuna are moving into the Canyon. Saturday night was better than Friday night. We caught mostly yellowfin up to 70 pounds and some big longfin up to 65lbs.
We read plenty of fish under the boat at times and caught them on bait and Jigs.
There is some space available on upcoming trips.
For further information and reservations call the office.
We are also taking reservations for Giant Sea Bass trips that will sail in November and December.
There will also be a Striped Bass Special from 6 a.m. till noon on Thanksgiving Day. For further information call 732-528-5014
10-14 Canyon Report
We made a few trips to Canyon this week and on two of the three we had a bunch of mahi mahi and a couple of tuna.
Tuna fishing picked up Friday night!
Friday night we made a couple of long drifts. Nothing happened overnight except the few bites. Just before daybreak tuna schooled under the boat and started to bite.
We caught yellow fin up 70 pounds. There was a lull after the Sun was fully up, and then we had some more bites. Before it was time to go home we caught a couple more nice yellowfin and a long fin.
Andy Stanczykiewz from New Briton Ct caught two nice yellowfin as did:
Pat Brennan from Brick NJ.
Matt Bukowski from Heightstown NJ jigged two big yellowfin on a 7oz chrome PBJ jig.
There are also a few tile fish boated today.
The Big Jamaica is scheduled to sail to the canyon regularly through the first week of November.
There is some space available on upcoming trips.
For reservations and information call 732-528-5014
10/7 Canyon Report
Yellowfin tuna moved into the Hudson yesterday. Overnight we lost a couple of swordfish and caught one about 150 pounds. Around 5 in the morning some tuna schooled the boat.
We caught several and lost a few more. After sunrise when it looked like they were not going to bite any more we fished for Mahi and put about 85 in the boat.
The Wolf party landed the largest of the Mahi cought today.
There may be a couple of spots available for the Tuesday 31 hour trip. Call the office at 735-288-5014.

10/4 Canyon Report
Our last two trips have produced Lots of Mahi-mahi.
On the Tuesday trip Russ Masscotti caught a 60lb yellowfin early. We read fish under the boat most of the night but, they would not bite.
On Thursdays trip we had a few run-offs on our first drift. Later we anchored and caught several swordfish. On both trips we had over 200 Mahi-mahi.
The Jamaica will be sailing to the canyon through October and into November. After that we have Giant Sea Bass trips sailing several days each week through the end of December when the season closes.

Further information and reservations call 732-528-5014

9/27-9/28 Canyon Tuna Report
Canyon Tuna Bonanza!
After several weeks of lots of Mahi-mahi, Marlin, swordfish, and an occasional tuna or no tuna, we finally hit pay dirt!
Captain Phil from the Canyon Runner had a hot tip and we went with it.
When we first arrived at the canyon there didn't appear to be much life.
Normally, on the 31 hour trips, we fish for mahi mahi first, and then set up for tuna just before sundown.
But, today knowing that a nor'easter was coming in for the morning we did not spend much time at all fishing for Mahi-mahi, and went on the tuna hunt after just 2 short drifts.
We set up on our first tuna drift and after 45 minutes with no bites and very few readings we made a short move of about a mile.
It took about a half an hour to hook our first tuna and shortly after that we began to pick away. By the time the sun went down we had boated 14 yellowfin up to 75 pounds.
We went up to make another drift. That drift produced two more yellow fin, a swordfish, and a mako.
Around 10:30 p.m. we went up for another drift. That drift produced another swordfish, a very large hammerhead and nothing else.
At 2:30 we set up on another drift. It was quiet for over an hour and then the tuna began to school under the boat. Around 3:30 or 4 we started to bang away, and by 4:30 it was a bloodbath!
At first it was small yellow fin hitting jigs or bait. As dawn approached the fish became larger.
When it was all done we had boated 85 yellow fin, two swordfish, a Mako, 8 Mahi-mahi, and released a 300 pound hammerhead.
It looks good for upcoming trips. There was a big body of warm water and its finally holding tuna. There are also some yellowfin showing up East of our area. They should start showing in the Hudson Canyon within the next couple of weeks.
9/24-9/25 Canyon Report
It was a nice night in the Canyon so we were able to drift Saturday night into Sunday morning.
It didn't take long to catch our first fish, which was a swordfish.
After that we had a couple of big fish hit. We're not sure if they were large tuna or big swords because, we never saw them.
They hit two of the biggest reels on deck that night and spooled them both.
It was quiet after that until a Mako swam by the boat. After we landed that another Mako struck Nicole's swordfish rod but bit the hook off.
Sunrise approached but the tuna didn't so we switched over to mahi- mahi fishing.
There was a lot of current and it was a little bit breezy but, that did not deter the Mahi. We had very good fishing for mahi up to 17lbs.
Nicole would easily have caught her limit but she decided it take a lunch break for a couple of the stops and wound up with 9.
We will be headed back out to the canyon again tonight and will try a different area. Hopefully we will find some tuna tonight.
The big Jamaica is scheduled to sail to the canyon for 31 hour trips every Tuesday and Thursday leaving 7 a.m. 22 Hour trips leave Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at 5 p.m. Further information and reservations call 732-528-5014
9/20 Tuna Report
Canyon report for Tuesday/Wednesday
We started out the trip with some mahi-mahi fishing again. Some of our stops we're not productive but we had a couple of red hot ones, that saved the
Day. After a few hours of mahi fishing we wound up with about 125 Mahi-mahi up to 15 pounds.
After that we headed off to the edge the try for tuna.
We were only drifting about 20 minutes when we had our first bite. We had a couple more hooked up after that that they lost them close to the boat. They were yellowfin.
We had one more bite and then it was dead for the night. We tried several more stops on the way in with no luck.
We're headed back out again this morning at 7 a.m. we're hoping they are ready to turn on, and maybe even a couple swordfish.
There's still space available on upcoming trips. You can call the office between 9 and 5 or go to our website at
For further information call 732-528-5014
9/16-9/18 Weekend Canyon report
The Friday night canyon trip was slow overnight. We had a swordfish and couple of other bites.
In the morning we fished for Mahi-mahi and did well with mahi up 16lbs catching well over 100.

Saturday Night Trip
Saturday night was the Dan Grothues bachelor party to the canyon.
Things were quiet overnight as a few tuna and a couple of Marlin passed under the boat, but, there were no takers.
In the morning we set up for Mahi-mahi and fishing was very good. While we were fishing we ran across at least five different white Marlin. The last sighting was a giant baitball of squid tightly packed jumping out of the water for their lives, as two White Marlin sliced through them.
We had 2 marlin bites but couldn't come tight on them.
We wound up with 120 mahi up to 22 1/2 pounds.
The Jamaica is scheduled to sail to the canyon 5 trips per week through the first week of November.
31 hour trips sail at 7 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday.
22 hour overnight trips sail 5 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
For further information call 732-528-5014

9/14 -9/16 Canyon Tuna Reports
Tuesday/Wednesday Canyon report
We started the trip by fishing for mahi mahi. Fishing was very good as we landed about 300 up to 16 pounds. When it came time to set up for tuna we started drifting. We dropped the anchor shortly after 8PM and we landed a tuna. Several more came under the boat but, no more bit at that time. A little later the tuna came under the boat again and we caught another one on a jig. We read fish through the night from time to time but they never turned on after that.
We checked out some inshore grounds about 70 miles from home. Although we read tuna come under the boat couple of times we weren't able to get them to feed.
Thursday Report
We decided to try a different area Thursday hoping for more tuna.
We started the trip by fishing for mahi. On our first stop we caught a nice wahoo about 42 pounds caught by Ed Fliedner from Santa Clara CA, and several mahi.
After that it was picky mahi-mahi fishing. We caught some almost everywhere but not like Tuesday.
Just before sundown we set up for the night for tuna. Nothing happened all night until the morning around 5 a.m. when we hooked up 2 White Marlin at the same time. The largest was about 90 pounds. We read a few fish but didn't have any tuna bites.
We will be back out there again tonight hopefully, the fish will turn on.
There is still space available on the 31 hr. trip leaving Tuesday at 7 a.m.
For further information call 732-528-5014
9-12 Canyon Report
When we arrived at the the canyon Sunday night it did not take long to start reading fishing under the boat. The first fish we caught was a swordfish followed by a couple of tuna bites and several mahi-mahi. The next hour-and-a-half we read fish under the boat that would not feed.
We made a move to the South to try the warm-water and we read some fish there but they did not bite at that time either.
We relocated one more time before sunrise and up and anchored along the bank.
Around 5 a.m. we had our first yellowfin, about 55 pounds. At 5:45AM a big school came on the boat and a number of fish were hooked up. We wound up catching 5 more Yellowfin from 45 to 60 pounds.
We also had a couple of Marlin hooked up just after sunrise.
Deborah Conde and Colleen Dykas flew in from Michigan just for the trip. When they bite turned on early in the morning they both ready at the rail and hooked up, and landed they're nice Yellowfin. Thanks for the steaks they tasted great!
The Jamaica is now on a full-time schedule sailing to the canyons for tuna through the first week of November.
We have 31 hour trips leaving 7 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday and 22 hour trips sailing at 5 p.m. on Friday Saturday and Sunday.
For further information call 732-528-5014.
Night blue fish trips will Sail on the 100 foot Paramount every Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 p.m.
Weekend of 9-10 Report
Big blues moved in over the weekend.
The fishing was slow but night fishing was good.
Jamaica will be sailing regularly for the Canyons now but, The 100' Paramount will do the night Bluefish trips on Friday and Saturday night leaving 7:30 p.m.
Recent pool winner: Sly Turner from Morristown nj with a 24lb bluefish, weighed in at shop.
For further information call 732-528-5014
9/8-9/9 Canyon Tuna Report
Canyon report
We had our first Canyon trip Thursday into Friday. When we first arrived at the canyon we spent a little time fishing for mahi mahi and caught quite a number of them.
There was a large area of Whales and we tried tuna fishing for a while but, didn't have any bites and we didn't read too many.
We took a ride to the next Canyon down. Upon arrival it was even a larger area of whales.
We read fish and even saw a whale shark.
We made several drifts and caught a couple of Yellowfin and lost a couple. Through the night we read fish numerous times and saw plenty of bait and life in the area.
During the night we landed two swordfish.
In the morning we hooked up a few Marlin and had a couple more tuna bites.
We wound up the with about 110 Mahi-mahi, couple of Yellowfin, a couple of swordfish and we hooked a few marlin.
The water looked great the temperature was good, we read fish, and saw plenty of bait, they just didn't turn on this trip.
We will be back out there Sunday night. There is space available.
After this weekend we will be headed to the Canyon on a regular basis.
9-9 Report
The Big Jamaica sailed last night and caught all of Big Blue's you wanted
We were chumming and caught the blues on bait. They had fish up to 18 pounds.
There were still some mackerel mixed in with the blues but, blue fishing was excellent.
We'll be sailing to that area today, tonight and tomorrow.
The Boat leaves at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday and then I triple ss 7:30 p.m. Saturday night.
Further information call 732-528-5014
8-31 Report
Fishing was good again today. In the morning we caught sea bass and a couple of ling. Mackerel fishing was slow in the morning. Later on fishing improved and was very good. We caught them on bait and jigs.
The pool winner was: Kevin Hagen from Lake Hopatcong NJ with a 3lb seabass.
Some blues showed up late today so we'll be looking for them tomorrow.
They were three to four pound fish and they were catching them on jigs.
The big Jamaica is scheduled to sail every day at 7:30 a.m.
There is an afternoon trip today, Wednesday, leaving 4:30 p.m. and there is space available.
We are scheduled for a fishing and fireworks trip leaving 5 p.m. on Thursday and night blue fish on Friday and Saturday
Tuna trips begin soon call the office for further information or go to
For further information you call 732-528-5014.
8-29 Report
We had another good day today. Fishing was slow in the morning. We caught some Sea Bass and a few fluke before fishing picked up.
Everyone caught coolers full
We are sailing tomorrow at 7:30AM & again at 4:30PM.
Call for reservation information 732-528-5014
8-28 Report
Fishing was excellent again Sunday.
It was slow at first, we were catching mostly sea bass and a few mackerel. On our third drop the mackerel where thick and we started to catch them good on bait and jigs
The pool winner was:
Alberto Gomez from Phila PA with a 4LB Sea Bass
It looks good for tomorrow. Once we located them we read plenty of Fish all day long. On the way home we read good schools of mackerel for at least two miles. The weather looks good for tomorrow and most of the week.
We are sailing everyday at 7:30AM for Bluefish, mackerel, and maybe some fluke and sea bass.
Family Fun Trips for Fluke and sea bass will sail at 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
There is a Fishing and Fireworks trip on Thursday, (our last Fireworks trip of the year), sailing from 5 p.m. till 10 p.m. .
Please call to reserve space on the afternoon trips.
For further information call 732-528-5014
We are also booking Canyon tuna trips. The first one sails 5 p.m. September 4th and there is space available.


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